Queues outside shops, a busy fairground and people everywhere - Silloth is back in business.

But Mayor Mark Orchard said this week that, despite the crowds, people generally seem to be following advice and social distancing.

"There have been queues outside ice cream, takeaway shops and outside pubs but that is because people are social distancing," he said.

Several cafes, eateries and pubs have had to reduce table numbers.

"The town council has installed nine benches along the front.

"We have sited them in front of the businesses that have had to reduce numbers - the ice cream parlour, one of the pubs and places like that.

"It means more people can buy from these businesses and then sit outside and eat or drink."

The Sunday market and car boot sale have already re-opened and now Silloth is preparing to re-start its town centre market.

"We have been given permission by Allerdale council because our town centre toilets are also open again.That will bring more people into the town again."

The locally-owned fair is also open for families to enjoy and, once again, it is being run according to the rules in force through the pandemic.

Mr Orchard said he believed people living more locally were choosing Silloth over the Lake District.

"As more people return to the lakes I think people are choosing to come here instead."

He said Silloth was fortunate because of its position and its layout.

"We have several areas to walk in, wide, Victorian cobbled streets and lots of opportunity for people to enjoy themselves here while still adhering to the rules."

He added: "It is really working well. We can't tell people what to do but it does seem as though we are giving advice and they are taking it.

"Silloth has been affected by the pandemic. Most events have been cancelled - a decision taken by their organisers. But we are asking them not to be disheartened. Next year the events will be bigger and better."

With sunshine and temperatures likely to reach 27 degrees today and a cooler, cloudy but mainly dry weekend, large numbers are expected in the town once again.