BRAMPTON'S Moot Hall has been given the green-light to open for events after the coronavirus lockdown.

Parish councillors agreed at an online meeting on Wednesday evening where they discussed opening the building "for the Wednesday craft fair and other users".

Jenni Errington, chairman of the council, said: "We've had a few enquiries about opening it up but obviously we will have to have a risk assessment."

Councillor Allison Riddell, parish council clerk, however said the fair would be limited to five tables, a one way system would have to be put in place, hand sanitiser and masks would need to be used, and the number of visitors limited.

She also said the toilets would be out of bounds to all except stallholders who would need to clean them before and after the event.

Councillor John Harding said: "Small shops have to open to get business in so as long as it is done safely I'm happy with this."