Carlisle city centre is now a brighter place to be, thanks to the creative hand of a local artist.

Carlisle artist Martin Evans turned a corner of Devonshire Street in the city centre into canvas, with his eye-catching landscape now certain to draw the attention of passers-by.

Martin was commissioned to put the piece together by Landmark Street Art, on behalf of Artwork, Devonshire Street's newest breakfast, coffee and cocktail bar, which is opening soon.

Landmark Street Art, also Carlisle based, is run by Ben Heslop, who has been behind eleven other works of street art across the city.

Martin, 39, said he was very pleased with the outcome of his efforts.

"It was a big challenge - I've done some big canvasses before but doing something like that is a whole different ballgame," he said.

"But I'm really pleased with how it came together in the end."

Being a very public arena in which to work, Martin said his creation drew a lot of positive attention as it was coming together.

"There was a great response," he said.

Martin, a largely self-taught painter with a background in graphic design, has been a fan of street art for a long time.

"It brings a great deal of accessibility to the world of art," he said.

"Art can sometimes be hidden away in corners of galleries.

"And seeing art on social media is not quite the same as walking past it."

Given the continued disruption of Covid-19, Martin said it felt particularly meaningful at this time to put something together that would lift people's spirits.

"It's nice to give people something to talk about, especially at the moment when I think people are looking for something to cheer them up, with everything that's going on," he said.

Ben Heslop was delighted with Martin's creation, and spoke with passion about how street art can open up an entirely new dimension in which people can experience creativity.

"This is the 12th piece we've organised," Ben said.

"The public reaction to every single one has always been phenomenal, which always spurs us on.

"I'm excited about this piece because it's always good to bring on a local artist.

"We've worked quite a bit with international artists on the street art we have put together in the past. There's so much talent here and it's wonderful to help showcase that."

Ben extended his thanks to Artwork for their cooperation in allowing the piece to come together.

He added that he appreciated the fact Martin's take on street art would perhaps challenge people's perception of what street art is.

"A lot of people think street art always has to be edgy and controversial," he said.

"But even though Martin works in a very fluid way, it's in many ways very much a traditional landscape.

"The focus for the street art we bring to Carlisle has always been on getting a really diverse gallery for people to experience."