An author is promoting Cumbria in his first crime novel, Glass, having moved to the area after a career in the RAF.

Oughterside resident Ron Salmon, 66, has published a crime novel under his pen name Harry Navinski which he used when writing articles during his air force service.

Ron said: “I would never have thought I’d write a book in my life.”

He added that he was not particularly interested in writing when he attended school. At age 15, he left his hometown of Colchester to join the RAF, he and his wife Hazel lived a “nomadic” lifestyle whilst he served for almost 40 years.

Ron was encouraged by his friends and family to write a novel as they enjoyed his blogs when he was in Kolkata taking part in an anti-human trafficking project.

The author, who is now settled in Cumbria where Hazel was born, hopes that publishing his novel will put the county on the map.

The story contains links to the area with chapters taking place in Cockermouth and other well known Cumbrian beauty spots.

The inspiration for Ron’s book came when he attended a creative writing course at Higham Hall.

He said: “I went to Higham Hall because someone suggested that I write a book.

“Higham Hall is a brilliant place for adult learning courses, with great food, friendly staff and great value training, as well as fabulous views.”

Writing a book in the crime genre was a no-brainer for Ron. He said: “I watch a lot of crime shows and read crime novels.”

The story follows DCI Suzanna McLeod as she investigates a criminal underworld in Edinburgh whilst chasing a stolen family heirloom.

The novel also makes reference to the human trafficking in Kolkata and more information is available on the author’s website in the hopes that more people will become aware of the issue.

“It’s about raising awareness” he added.

Ron’s experiences as an engineer in the RAF were a well of inspiration for characters.

He plans to write more fiction in the future as his travels and experiences have given him a lot of knowledge to draw from in future stories.

Glass is available on in print and digitally and Ron is pleased to see that his novel is performing well.

“It’s selling and it’s getting mostly five star reviews which is brilliant.”

And he is hoping to see the novel on the shelves of Cumbrian bookshops in the future.

“I’m planning to approach publishers as well, it would be nice to have it in bookshops.”

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