A COCKERMOUTH school girl went above and beyond when asked to look into the history of her hometown and produced a stunning sequence of then and now photographs.

Maxie Hills, eight, was one of a class of All Saints' School pupils who were set the task of going on the Town Trail and looking into the history of Cockermouth.

She chose to compare a selection of old photos of the town with present day ones, featuring herself.

Teacher Yvonne Sykes said: "We have tried our best to stick to the curriculum and our topic this half term has been Cockermouth.

"I set the task to go on the Town Trail and look at the history of Cockermouth.

"The children even made a model of their favourite Cockermouth building.

"Maxie has has done a terrific project. She looked at old photos from the Facebook group Old Cockermouth - and then she set up the photos, with herself in them and showing what town looks like today.

"They really are fantastic at comparing the old and the new, they are really amazing when you compare the buildings, cars and even the clothes people are wearing."

Maxie was helped by her mum, Eve. "It was really nice for Maxie to think about Cockermouth in different times. When we go to other places we look at buildings and try and imagine what life must have been like earlier.

"She really enjoyed doing this project, she was so good at looking for clues to check she was in the same place.

"We're lucky in Cockermouth, when you look at the old photos little has changed."

Mrs Hill was full of praise for how the school has worked through lockdown.

While Maxie has been working from home, her son, Jack, 11, returned in June for his final term before heading to Cockermouth School.

Home schooling has been a big success. "I have learned lots!" joked Eve.

"The school has been excellent, really really good.

"The pupils have had lots of feedback, it's worked really well."