CARLISLE United have revealed the inspiration for their "turn to the right" orange away kit.

As last Christmas approached, club bosses began to speak with their current makers about how they could offer fans something a little bit different for the following season.

Inspired by the striking Dutch national team kit of the 1970s, United's director of football, David Holdsworth, tasked ERREA - who have produced the kit for the second season running - with designing something similar.

"The director of football saw a picture of that and asked, 'can we do something like that?'," explained club spokesman Andy Hall.

"As soon as we saw the design, we knew it would go down well."

It may not be for everyone, but the orange kit with black strips down the hips and black tipped sleeves and collar has been a hit with the fans so far.

"Everybody has said they love that, it's been such a positive response so far," explained Andy.

"Four of the players did the photo shoot, under strict lockdown conditions, they loved it. They were excited to get into it and have plastered it all over Instagram.

"When they've been training in the training kit they've felt very good and comfortable in that too."

Season ticket holders were given an exclusive opportunity to buy the kit at the official launch at club shop outside Brunton Park last night, with general sale opening at 10am today (July 17).

The club shop kit launch opening times are as follows:

+ Friday, July 17 – 10am to 4pm (telephone order service available from today)

+ Saturday, July 18 – 10am to 4pm

+ Sunday, July 19 – 10am to 4pm

+ Monday, July 20 – 10am to 4pm

+ Tuesday, July 21 – 10am to 4pm

+ Wednesday, July 22 – 10am to 4pm

+ Thursday, July 23 – 10am to 4pm

+ Friday, July 24 – 10am to 4pm

+ Saturday, July 25 – 10am to 4pm

The full range of items are also now available to order online.

Prices for the new kit are:

Adult shirts - £39

Junior shirts - £29

Adult goalkeeper shirts - £39

Junior goalkeeper shirts - £29

Adult shorts - £17

Junior shorts - £14

Adult socks - £10

Junior socks - £8

Baby kit - £32.50

Mini kit - £38.50

A 10 per cent discount will be applied to all 2019/20 season ticket holders who bring proof to the club shop.If you would like to order over the phone, call 0330 094 5930.

The club is urging fans to go out and buy the merchandise to help them through a difficult period.

"Absolutely, we are no different to any other business," explained Andy.

"We've not had a lot of money coming in, but money is still going out. We just want it to be popular and hopefully we will start to see it on the terraces and around Carlisle."

Mr Hall confirmed players are still following strict home programmes and will be ready to hit the ground running when they get confirmation of next season's start date.

We’ll be taking telephone orders from 10am on Friday 17 July. Please call 0330 094 5930 (option 2) to place your order.