BEAVERS, cubs, scouts and leaders from a scouts group have just completed an Everest challenge.

The challenge, set by 1st Wigton Baden-Powell Scouts' , included making a model of Everest, preparing prayer flags for Puja, making oxygen tanks, setting up a base camp, cooking a meal from Nepal, designing a flag for the summit and collectively climbing the height of Everest.

Group leader, Julie Bryceson, said: "We have four Zoom meetings for different groups each week and beavers have a video link but we also have a monthly challenge for everyone in group.

"We had more than 100 taking part in this challenge and parents have been brilliant, really getting involved, feedback has been extremely positive, with children having fun and learning at the same time."

Photos were sent into as evidence and Mrs Bryceson was amazed at how much effort had been put into the challenge.

Joanne Wilson, beaver leader even did the climb with the colony mascot.

Eight trophies were presented to those who took part.

Those who received trophies included:

n Best Nepalese meal – Robbie and Lucy Anson

n Best decorated base camp – Phillip Bickley

n Best dressed climber – Beaver – Benn Finn

n Best dressed climber – Cub – Will Hastings

n Best dressed climber – Scout – Joe Tarn

n Best dressed climber – parent – John Blackhurst

n Best Everest mountain – joint- Josh and Faith Thomlinson, Finley Waning, Daniel Edmondson, Tom Park.

n Special award - Best prayer flags – Alana Blackhurst

Everyone taking part will receive a specially made badge thanks to funding from The Joyce Wilkinson Trust.

During lockdown Mrs Bryceson applied for two grants, one from the Cumbria Community Foundation's Covid-19 fund and The Joyce Wilkinson Trust.

£3,000 was awarded from the Covid-19 fund which enabled the group to buy modelling clay, plaster of Paris, PVA glue and moulds for all 65 beavers.

They then bought compasses and maps for the cubs, gas stoves and canisters for the scouts and wood-burning stoves for the senior scouts.

The Joyce Wilkinson Trust then gave a further £2,500 to buy scout handbooks and badges.The next challenge is to see how far members of 1st Wigton can cycle in one week and again, there will be a special badge for all who take part.