A new football team has been created, and is hoping to get children active.

Carlisle Youth Football is proudly starting a new decade with Carlisle Galaxy – beginning with a new junior football club for children under 13.

Carlisle Galaxy is a football organisation that emphasises physical education and creativity among children.

The purpose is to empower children regardless of their gender, ethnicity, size, ability level or economic status to lead a healthy lifestyle, improve their social interaction and their their youthful energy to reach their potential.

Craig Wallace, chairman and coach, explained: “It was set up a few months. We’re starting off with an under-13 team and eventually we will start to open up other age groups.

“It’s to bring more children into football, more age groups, boys and girls, mixed teams. We are trying to get more children into football.

“Getting them doing more exercise, especially with what is going on at the moment with lockdown.”

When talking to parents, Mr Wallace found that children are not going out as much, which has spurred him on to get them active again.

“We are trying to get them into the grass roots of football.” added Mr Wallace.

“It’s going good so far. We have the website set up and we are starting to build the first team.

“Everything is going well and we have a few sponsors on board - we are obviously trying to get bigger sponsors.”

They are now looking to build up the squad and recruit more players.

Anyone of any ability is invited to join the group once coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

The club cannot offer a place in the squad for everyone, but does offer an open door policy to all players of all abilities to get involved in the training.

Whether you are aiming to climb the ranks and progress or simply have fun with friends, Carlisle Galaxy will cater for all.

For boys and girls they offer coaching, talent pathways and advice to guide you through training and through the game.

For parents it is important that their children are in safe hands, which is why all coaches and volunteers have been trained to deal with the age appropriate environment.

They follow the Grassroots programme as launched by the FA with the overall agenda of making Grassroots Football a better place now and for future generations.

Anyone who is interested in joining the group of would like more information can visit their website carlislegalaxy.com

Alternatively, you can email alison.wallace@carlislegalaxy.com who will be able to help.