A mountain rescue team had a busy evening, after being called to two consecutive incidents - in the same place.

On Thursday evening, Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called to Langstrath Valley, Borrowdale.

They were first called at about 4.25pm to a 17-year-old girl who had slipped and dislocated her knee in the lower part of the valley.

She has been putting her sock on after a dip in the river when she overbalanced and fell awkwardly, resulting in the knee cap dislocation.

Two vehicles left base and met up with the land ambulance and the father of the girl at Stonethwaite camp site, before they continued on foot up the valley.

The paramedic assessed the casualty and pain relief was given before the knee cap was put back in place. She was then stretchered back to the camp site to the ambulance.

While out on the rescue, crews were alerted to a 71-year-old man who had reached the top of Scafell Pike with three friends and, while descending, took a tumble and damaged his hip and ribs.

He was able to descend some way down the Corridor Route back towards the starting point, but the pace was too slow and the pain too great to continue.

Team members set out to find the casualty and, on reaching him, assessed the casualty and gave him pain relief before he was loaded onto a stretcher and carried down.

A spokesman for the rescue team said: “In consideration of the remote location and the nature of the incident an air ambulance was called.

"A suitable flat landing spot was found above Sty Head Tarn and shortly thereafter a helicopter from the North West Air Ambulance arrived.

"A handover was done, the casualty loaded into the helicopter and then the helicopter took off to fly to Barrow Hospital."