Good news appears to be on the horizon for Silloth, as one Allerdale councillor reveals a number of the town’s public toilets are likely to reopen “in the coming days.”

Allerdale Borough Councillor and former Silloth Town Councillor Owen Martin has said that a number of the town’s public toilets, which have remained closed throughout the duration of lockdown, appear set to reopen soon following an emergency meeting of Silloth Town Council.

The continued closure of the public toilets in the town has generated a great deal of online discussion in recent weeks, with the focus initially on how key workers, such as delivery drivers, might be impacted by not having any facilities available to them in the area.

A spokeswoman for Silloth Town Council said in May that the decision to close all public toilets in the town was made in response to a sudden influx of visitors.

“Key workers and locals were the main reason the Criffel Street toilet had been kept open but the sudden influx of visitors meant the decision was taken to close them, on the grounds of helping to reduce the spread of coronavirus and to protect our cleaning staff,” the spokeswoman said.

“The decision was in line with information received from our Allerdale councillors and in the hope it would reduce visitors to the town.

“The decision to re-open the public toilets is a decision for the Town Council to make as we run the facilities but will take into consideration guidance and information available at the time.”

But Mr Martin, addressing the issue on Thursday, said indications look positive that at least some of the public toilets will be opened again soon.

“Following my discussion with Silloth town mayor today providing extra guidance on the opening of the public toilets and following an emergency meeting of Silloth Town Council tonight it seems a number of toilets will be reopening in the coming days,” Mr Martin said.

“I would like to thank the council for their swift action after getting the correct guidance. Please ensure you follow all the guidance when using the facilities.”

Mr Martin said that he understood Silloth Town Council had not received “accurate” guidance on Monday, which led to the authority’s decision, announced on Tuesday, to keep the toilets closed.

“The Town Council has looked carefully at whether or not it can reopen its public toilets and has taken the decision that the public toilets are to remain closed for the time being,” a spokesman for the council said on Tuesday.

“The Town Council do not have the resources or manpower to be able to comply with the current Government guidelines, to ensure the safety of the public and our cleaning staff.

“To put all the measures in place would also put an undue burden on Silloth ratepayers who pay for the facilities through their council tax.”

“We appreciate many would like to see the facilities open but for the present time they will remain closed.”

“Our priority is the ongoing safety and welfare of our residents and visitors in terms of limiting the spread of the infection.”