THE RAF had to be called in after a cow became stranded near Crammel Linn waterfall.

A crew from RAF Spadeadam retrieved the animal that has been stuck on the muddy banks below Crammel Linn, near Brampton, since Monday.

A helicopter from the local base lifted the cow to safety using a sling and harness.

Carlisle West Fire Crew were on hand to assist with the rescue of Daisy the cow out of the gorge.

The original call was received on July 7. Crews from the fire station utilised their large animal rescue slings for the rescue.

A flight crew and Puma helicopter from RAF Spadeadam were happy to assist and put their expertise into practice.

A spokesman from the fire station said: "A vet was on scene throughout the rescue to monitor Daisy. Daisy was sedated to allow crews to work safely around her without risk of injury. Daisy is now recovering safe on the farm well away from any gorges."