A new one-way system has been introduced in Appleby and has been met with some opposition after a member of the public posted the plans on a social media group.

Volunteers in the town have worked tirelessly over the last few months to keep people safe and this is meant to be another way to help get people and using the shops in the centre.

Worried about the reaction the plans have had on the people of the town is Mayor Gareth Hayes, he said: "The multi-agency approach, acting under government instruction, was to produce much more than a map.

"We felt our town didn’t need over-bearing signage.

"Of course, people from Appleby know how to get about the town and that is not under question. The informal suggested route is to aid visitors but it is not mandatory.

" Those ‘visitors’ now include some of our own residents who have been behind doors for four months.

"I’m a prescription delivery volunteer and I’ve seen first hand that some of these people are truly terrified of venturing out. The map may not be perfect but I think it may help give some confidence to our most vulnerable residents.

"I admire the passion for activism. However, I’m personally disheartened that it has been an online campaign and that not one, not one, of the dissenters thought to ring me or speak to me in the street about their views.

" I’m planning to run open surgeries in the coming weeks where individuals can share their thoughts with me face to face. These are extraordinary times where emotional sensitivities are really hard to navigate, my own included, and I would like to believe we are all on the same side.

"I can’t promise perfection, that is evident, yet I genuinely want to make progress and look forward to sharing opportunities to harness the activism energy."

Comments on the post suggested the map gives mixed messages and the plan will turn people away from the town.

Another resident added: "I know how confusing it is for my elderly parent to come into town and follow the shop rules as to where to go and stand and this is with me accompanying her then to add this to the mix will make the elderly reconsider shopping in Appleby