A new group has been created to investigate the things that go bump in the night across the entire border area with a healthy dose of scepticism and an eye for the real deal.

The group, Border Paranormal Investigation, is investigating the haunted spots in and around Cumbria and giving people the opportunity to decide for themselves if what they are seeing is extraordinary.

So far, it has published two YouTube videos and set up a Facebook group to share other findings.

Luke Patterson, one of the organisers of the group, said: “I’ve got a little team that comes with me and we’ve all got our own specialities just so we can document stuff properly.”

In their videos, they try to give a helping hand to viewers to make sense of the footage and the techniques being used.

This then helps people make up their own mind about if what they’re seeing is paranormal.

“The main thing we do is to try and let people make their own decision,” he said.

“We try and debunk as much as we can, we go in with an open mind but realistically one in every three locations we actually capture stuff so there is a lot of leg work involved with actually finding the location.”

The group uses a whole range of different devices and techniques to try and capture paranormal activity wherever they go.

It’s not an easy process putting this together and can take hours upon hours to put together.

“That’s one of the challenges, the actual time that happens in the background.”

Despite always being loosely interested in the paranormal, Luke had remained a sceptic.

It wasn’t until he moved into a house with an interesting history that he began to document these kinds of things.

“A couple of things started happening to me so I started recording bits and pieces,” said Luke.

“It’s only really when I actually started documenting my own stuff that I actually went ‘hang on’.

“There’s only so much evidence you can gather before you start to go ‘woah’ and it starts to makes sense.”

The group has visited houses, pubs, and bridges in south-west Scotland and Cumbria but the locations typically remain confidential.