TO support Arla Foods accelerated move to more sustainable dairy production, the cooperative has updated its farm management and quality programme Arlagården® to better reflect on-farm results and deliver the highest level of data yet.

The revised programme gives consumers and customers even more insight to meet their expectations and build trust.

The Arlagården® programme has been in place since 2003.With the revised programme, Arla’s audit methods and reporting will be fully aligned for all 9,700 farmers owners, including those in Cumbria, across seven European countries.

As one of the global leaders in sustainable dairy production, Arla Foods farmer owners are already among the most climate friendly dairy farmers in the world, producing milk with less than half the average of emission per litre compared to global dairy production. The cooperative has also set an ambitious goal to reduce carbon emission by 30 per cent by 2030 and produce carbon net zero dairy by 2050.