What do the stars hold for you this Tuesday? Astrologer Russell Grant reveals all...

ARIES (March21st-April20th)

Now is a good time to start drawing up plans for renovating your home. Fill in important documents. Apply for planning permission and get any official business out of the way. Let someone who is struggling know they can reach out to you whenever they might need a friend. Your support will be appreciated, more perhaps than you realise.

TAURUS (April21st-May21st)

You and a friend are on the same wavelength. You're finding new ways to come together more regularly and are able to inspire each other with creative ideas. A younger relative may need a few extra hugs. If for various reasons you can't get close to them, be sure you let those who can, know it.

GEMINI (May22nd-June21st)

As soon as it is safe to do so you will find a pragmatic way to fulfil obligations that have been put on the back burner for a while. Wherever there is a problem, there will be a few options available. There is a way to work out a solution that will help you to move forward.

CANCER (June22nd-July23rd)

Don't wait for other people to take the initiative. If you're hoping to meet up again with an interesting person you recently met, get in touch with them. Someone has to make the first move. Your response to a question a relative or partner puts to you will be exactly what they are hoping to hear.

LEO (July24th-August23rd)

An email or text message needs some careful thought. You don't want to give an instant response but this does not mean you are ignoring anyone. If you find it hard to explain your feelings in writing, give them a call. The longer you leave it to deal with a difficult issue, the more it will prey on your mind.

VIRGO (August24th-September23rd)

Someone's thoughtful gesture will delight you. Little surprises brighten your day. You will be amazed, delighted and happy all at the same time. A neighbour's childish comments are designed to ruin your happy moment but nothing can burst your bubble. Often, it's the simple things in life that bring you most pleasure. You're finding it easier now to be honest about your feelings.

LIBRA (September24th-October23rd)

Promoting harmony comes naturally to you. It will come as a shock when you realise a friend is upset about some of your recent activities. This will prompt you to look at your friendships and close relationships. If there is a way to make amends, you will find it. You don't want to drift apart.

SCORPIO (October24th-November22nd)

You have some big decisions to make and you will take your time to decide what you want to do. Your aim is to take action that will have a positive effect on your life. You aren't in a hurry as you know that the best way to avoid mistakes is to set realistic, achievable goals.

SAGITTARIUS (November23rd-December21st)

You can trust your intuition when you are with people who are close to you. With you being so in tune with your partner, you can anticipate their thoughts, needs and desires. Love is in the air. Are you single? A newcomer to your world will give you a lot to think over and talk about.

CAPRICORN (December22nd-January20th)

Apply for a job that has caught your interest. If you leave it until past the deadline, you are wasting your time as it will be strictly upheld. Acting on a spontaneous whim will surprise friends who know how much you like to stick with your usual routine. Doing something completely different on the spur of the moment will be uplifting.

AQUARIUS (January21st-February19th)

Connect with friends if you are feeling lonely. Joint activities and creative workshops can help reduce those feelings of isolation. Joining an online forum is another great way to meet new people. Speaking with relatives abroad on social networking sites will get you thinking about travel plans for the coming year. Seek advice on how to resolve a financial muddle.

PISCES (February20th-March20th)

An unexpected offer will come your way. If you're excited about spending more time with someone, the big smile on your face will be all the answer they need. Equally if you aren't keen on what they are suggesting, hesitating for even a minute will tell them what they need to know.