Another exotic animal has become the latest addition at Our Cozy Creature rescue.

Bellatrix the polecat arrived at the Cumbrian rescue centre after breeders found they had too many and couldn’t manage.

For Liam Tanner, 22, caring for these animals is the most important part of his daily life. He started taking in animals in need as people do not realise how much care and interaction exotic animals need.

Taking care of Bellatrix, Mr Tanner said: “Bellatrix came to us because a local breeder ended up with too many in this litter.

“She is a very playful and cuddly creature and comes out every day to run around the house and climb up the furniture.

“When she has had enough, she will come and crawl up on your lap and go to sleep.

“It is different as we’ve never had a polecat before but she is absolutely fantastic and we can’t wait to watch her grow into a wonderful and beautiful creature.”