Customers have flooded back to get their much-needed haircuts after months in lockdown.

Nervously, hairdressing salons have spent weeks preparing for changes to how they work in an attempt to welcome their clients back safely.

It has meant longer days and more cleaning but hairdressers were delighted to be able to get back to work from Saturday, albeit in a different environment.

Asking everyone who come to the salon to wear a mask is salon owner Louise Waugh who owns Violet White salon, she said: "It was lovely welcoming our customers back, it has been really hard work putting everything in place and making things as safe as we can.

"We're asking all our customers to wear a mask which is strange and we're all wearing our visors.

"The only problem is they create a barrier between us but it is for the best.

"I'm really pleased to be back working although it is hardwork.

"Thankfully we've not had any major covid cut disasters or home hair dye problems but I think they will come soon.

"The staff in the salon are working so hard to try and see everyone and some are working 12 hour days just to help the clients feel themselves.

Another salon owner, Angie Frazer of Vanity Hair said: “ It has been overwhelming the support and response we have had from our customers.

“It has been really scary but everything has gone like clockwork.

“I’m so proud of how my team has responded and how well they have adapted to the changes.

“At first I didn’t like wearing the visor as it kept steaming up but now I’m used to it I don’t mind wearing it.

“To start with we didn’t have the guidance we needed but everything has fallen into place and everyone feels happy and safe.”

Echoing the same feeling and stating hairdressers had really missed the friendship of their clients, owner of Bazaar Hair Company Samantha Jackman said: “I feel like I’m on an alcohol-free night out, my feet hurt but I love being back at work.

“Everyone is excited to be back and to be able to see all our clients again.

“It’s going to be a challenging few weeks with lots of colour corrections and covid cuts to fix but it’s great to be doing what we do best.

“While we have been closed our clients have been through a lot.

“Some have become grandparents and others have had big changes in their lives.

“We’re not just hairdressers we’re friends, we often form a support network where people are able to talk and get things off their chest.

“I love people and I love my job.

“We’re now learning a new way of doing our job and how to do it safely, we just want everyone to be safe and enjoy coming back to the salon.”

Now working seven days a week, the manager of Tony Marks salon, Andrea Challenger said:" We're delighted to be back open again.

"We were a little apprehensive at first about all the changes and how we would work with all the changes but we have all gone above and beyond to help our staff and our customers feel safe.

"We are so grateful for all the support we have had it is just so nice to be back at work and have everyone back.