A WOULD-BE burglar who raided a fancy dress and costume hire shop in Carlisle has been jailed for 98 days.

Anthony George Weaver, 53, of Cumberland Court, Carlisle, pleaded guilty to a Theft Act offence of “trespass with intent to steal” at the Struts shop in Chapel Street, Carlisle, on July 2.

He also admitted an offence of possessing the Class C drug Valium on the same day.

Court papers spell out the reason for the jail term, stating: “The offence was so serious because there was forced entry, an untidy burglary, and a history of dishonesty spanning over 30 years.”

In addition to the jail term, the magistrates ordered that the defendant, who was represented in court by defence lawyer John Smith, should pay the victim company compensation of £450.

Court papers do not specify what the compensation was awarded for, though entry to the building had been forced, the magistrates noted in their sentencing remarks.

For the drug possession offence, the magistrates imposed a 12-month conditional discharge. There was no order for costs.