A REVEREND has praised the efforts of her local community in responding to the coronavirus pandemic, as she delivered art to two care homes.

Reverend Nicki Pennington from St Michael’s church in Arlecdon near Frizington, had asked children to take part in a competition to draw a picture or write a story or poem about how they can make the world a better place after lockdown.

The winning entries were then handed over to Wyndham Manor care home in Cleator Moor and The Gables care home in Hensingham.

“They really have submitted some inspirational stuff. It is quite humbling to realise children have been processing this massive change to the way they lived their lives until now,” explained Reverend Pennington.

“For them to have reflected on that difficult time and the things they feel, it was quite moving.”

The two schools that took part in the competition were Montreal Primary School and Saint Patrick’s Primary School in Cleator Moor, with the winners receiving book tokens.

“What bowled me over was the thought they gave to the future they would want, about raising aspirations, giving hope and discerning a better place to live in,” continued Reverend Pennington.

In total there were 50 entries to the competition, with only six winners selected. Everyone at the two care homes was grateful for the art.

“The staff in both homes were lovely and were really appreciative. We are really aware that particularly Wyndham have had a tough time. They’ve not been allowed to open to visitors.

“Prior to lockdown we were offering mass services in the home, but we’ve not been in since.We are aware of how much they have lost, with contact with friends and family.”

She praised the efforts of the area for the sacrifices they have made.