A WOODLAND path has been closed after some trees were found to be diseased and need to be felled.

The path is in the Ennerdale valley, near Bleach Green car park. It has been closed and an area of forest closed to public access.

A Wild Ennerdale spokesman said: “Our larch trees on Crag have phytophthora larch disease. To reduce the risk of the disease spreading we are felling the trees. We will replant this winter with Scots pine, oak and birch. Please avoid entering the harvesting area.”

Wild Ennerdale is a partnership between the three landowners, the National Trust, Forestry England and United Utilities and is supported by Natural England.

Tens of thousands of native trees have been planted in Ennerdale valley during the past year. The spokesman said: “It’s great to see the trees planted in the new future woodland in Silvercove have flushed and are growing.”