A WHITEHAVEN man has run more than 200 miles in a month for a mental health charity.

Wayne O’Neil took on the challenge at the beginning of June with the intention of running 5K a day and 10K every 10 days to do 165K in total.

However he has also managed to fit in a couple of half-marathons along the way.

His wife Lisa, who has matched the 30-day-challenge, said: “My husband decided to run 5K every day in June and on the tenth day run 10K. Having suffered from mental health problems over the years and more so after his dad’s passing in 2013, he wanted to raise funds and stop the stigma around mental health.”

Lisa added that Wayne initially set out to raise £250 for the Mental Health Foundation, but soon smashed that, so far raising £1,205 for the charity.

When he reached the £1,000 mark he ran a half-marathon at Seascale/Gosforth area, running with two of his friends.

He also did a half-marathon on Saturday with friends in a loop taking in Drigg, Seascale, Gosforth, Santon Bridge and Irton.

Mr O’Neil said he had found the challenge difficult, adding: “It’s been pretty hard work towards the end. I am quite sore at the moment.

“I have done nothing of this sort before, though I try to keep as fit as I can.”

Wayne, 38, who has still been working as a laundry assistant at Sellafield throughout the challenge, has been supported by family and friends while on his runs.

He praised their support and said: “My wife has been brilliant throughout.

"She has supported me by doing the challenge alongside me but in the background, she deserves as much credit if not more than myself."

He said three-year-old son Finn has also been cycling along with his dad on the path in Whitehaven.

He added: “In the past I think we’ve all needed a little help from time to time and if people confide in a friend or seek professional help I’ll have done my job. Let’s talk, let’s reach out to each other. Everyone needs a bit of help some time.

“It’s definitely been a help for my mental well being and helped get me through lockdown.”