PEOPLE are being invited to share their feelings towards nature during lockdown as part of a nationwide celebration of nature.

The RSPB is calling on people across the country to share the things that they have noticed in the world around them and what they value in the lockdown world.

This could be a simple thing such as hearing birdsong or actually getting out and about in the countryside.

Adam Murray, head of community empowerment at the RSPB, said: “We’d love you to share the new things you have noticed and started to appreciate more in your world – large and small.

“Whether it’s cleaner air, the wildlife in your local park or getting creative in your support of the natural world, we’d love to hear about it.

“We want to know what you’ve started to value during these strange times.”

A recent study found that 74 per cent of people in England were noticing nature in their neighbourhood more during lockdown.

Throughout July, people are encouraged to share photos and stories on social media of nature using the #Myworldnow.