Thanks to one woman’s trip to Cockermouth Woolfest, the people of Cumbria can now make their dream of walking a llama a reality.

After lockdown put a halt to Amy Armitage-Reay and husband Dan’s plan to open their new fluffy venture, the pair are thrilled to declare The Woolly Farm officially open for business.

Based at Santon Bridge, Wasdale, the farm of alpacas and llamas – with the odd friendly lamb-or-two – opens today, and time slots are already filling up.

“It’s really exciting to be opening,” Amy, 40, said.

“It was such a disappointment to put everything on hold with lockdown, but it’s given us the chance to spend time with each of the animals and really get to know them and their individual personalities.”

She continued: “We’ve got bookings today, Sunday and Monday so far – people really seem to be excited for it!”

Explaining the choice of opening the alpaca and llama-filled farm, Newcastle-born Amy said it was the Cockermouth Woolfest's fault for making her fall in love with the animals.

She said: "There was a woman who had some alpacas and I fell in love with them, so I went to buy one, bought two instead, then bought six alpacas and three llamas.

"We thought we had to do something with them then, so we chose to do trekking!"

The fluffiest farm around offers three trekking options with the llamas and alpacas; the one-hour farm trek, the valley trek, lasting two-and-a-half hours, and the fell trek, which also lasts for more than two hours.

Each walk is designed to give guests and their new long-eyelashed friend a chance to soak up the beauty of Wasdale from lower and higher ground – and it’s not just visitors who enjoy themselves.

“They really like being talked to, and they're really calm when they're walking so that's a good time to gently stroke them," Amy explained.

"Sometimes when we're going on the longer treks we'll put panniers on their backs and they'll carry the water for us all – it's what they were designed to do so they don't mind at all."

The Woolly Farm co-manager, Dawn McMullan, added: "They're very calm and friendly animals – as long as you talk to them and respect them, they're happy.

"They might even give you a kiss sometimes, but if you try to kiss them you'll get a bit of a boot!"

Prices start from £20, with the option of two people walking with one alpaca as well as each member of the group having their own hairy trekking companion.

For more details on prices, walks, and all-things-Woolly Farm, visit