Football fans are being urged to support the Blues, in the spirit of a 1970s rallying cry, Looking Good (We’re Carlisle United) which was released during the team's finest hour.

The song was released in support of Carlisle United in 1974 during the Blue’s winning entry into the old First Division. It was a thrilling and memorable season for the club and it’s fans.

The man behind the song, Silloth actor Tim Barker, has joined Carlisle United Official Supporter’s Club in asking fans to embody the spirit of the anthem.

Looking Good (We’re Carlisle United) is being used as the soundtrack to CUOSC’s campaign, Carlisle REUnited, which hopes to support the football club through the financial hardship of the coronavirus.

In a video message recorded in “Proper Cumbrian” dialect, Mr Barker said: “I still support the Blues like all of you, they’re our team, Cumbria’s team.

“Football should be about supporting your own. Carlisle are still looking good.”

Speaking of the 1974 season and the resurgence of Looking Good, Mr Barker said: “It was stunning when Carlisle went up and it was good fun making the record. It is great to see it doing well again. I’m still a Carlisle fan and this is for a good cause. I hope CUOSC make their target.”

Carlisle United making it to Division One in 1974 has been called a "near miracle" as the club's average gates were under 9,000 and the side did not have the resources to run a second team.

Mr Barker’s film credits include Calendar Girls and Peterloo, he also appeared in iconic British TV shows - The Bill, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Doctor Who.

He recorded the song whilst appearing in Shakespeare's Pericles Prince of Tyre and he has been watching with interest as the views on his old Blues rallying anthem increase.

Carlisle United Supporters Club have reissued the classic track with a target of 3,000 views to show support for the Blues during an unprecedented time.

The supporter’s club is asking for a donation however, A spokesperson for CUOSC said: “And remember if you cannot afford to donate you will still be doing your bit by just playing Looking Good.”

Like football clubs at all levels, Carlisle United have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The suspension of play removes their biggest source of income, tickets sold at the turnstiles.

Carlisle REUnited aims to raise funds for the club when it needs them most, whilst “Re-connecting, re-energising and re-focussing” the fanbase.

Former Carlisle United shot-stopper Mark Gillespie has also spoken-out in support of the fundraiser. In an appeal to the fans, he said: “The club means a lot to a lot of people, it’s a tight community and the club is a part of that.

“Any fan who could give what they can to support the club and keep it going during this time, that would be really appreciated, a lot of people care about the club, myself included.”

To support the Carlisle ReUnited fund, visit: