PART of the much-needed repairs to a beloved village hall is expected to be completed in the autumn.

The Watson Institute in Castle Carrock is a hub of community activity that is being revamped after the village raised thousands of pounds to pay for the cost of repairs.

There are also hopes to give it a few modern touches to restore the building in a way befitting the original vision for the hall.

In the coming months, the floor and panelling will be repaired and replaced with a new sprung floor.

Masonry repairs will also need to be completed, with contractors assigned to repair damage to the masonry inside and to halt cracking in the same masonry.

The repairs that have already been completed have revealed the remnants of the village’s past.

A ticket to a harvest dance that took place more than 100 years ago was unearthed when the floorboards were taken up.

They also found the original fireplace that dates back to 1897 after not even being aware of its existence – it was behind the 1927 fireplace.

The hall is a meeting space, a post office, a community kitchen, a place to socialise, and a concert hall.

It is an important part of the village in the present but also an important part of its past.