Crews from Carlisle West, Longtown and Brampton fire stations responded were called out to a property in Carlisle this afternoon.

Carlisle West were in attendance at a flat for over an hour which had been filled with smoke from unattended cooking.

Oxygen was provided to a resident of the flat as a precautionary measure.

The property was fitted with working smoke alarms which alerted a neighbour who quickly called 999.

Thankfully the damage was negligible and the resident was unharmed but it could have been very different under alternative circumstances. The property had working smoke alarms which alerted a neighbour to investigate and call 999. A spokesperson for Carlisle West Fire Station said: "Without the actions of this thoughtful person we might have encountered a fully developed fire instead of light smoke."

They said: "This incident demonstrates the dangers of leaving cooking unattended but also shows the value of owning working smoke alarms and of being a compassionate neighbour by checking on those around you.

"We believe the timely intervention by the neighbour saved a life this morning.