Residents are being warned of a track and trace scam that is circulating.

A member of the Cumbria Neighbourhood Alert team received a call and is sharing the transcript to make others aware of it.

The scammer calls the person pretending to be from the NHS track and trace system telling the person that they need to self-isolate and take a Covid-19 test.

After providing details the caller then asked for bank details.

Checks have been made with a government tracer who said: “This is a scam.

“This is not how we work.

“There are no payment details of any kind taken by any of our teams.

“Please do not give out your bank or payment details to anyone saying they are from track and trace.

“Track and trace will only confirm details with you and offer advice, they will not ask for any bank or payment details, ever.

“We will tell you who we are looking to speak to, we will give you the phone number and website to confirm who we are.”