A CARLISLE dad has expressed his elation that cystic fibrosis patients in England will be among the first in Europe to benefit from a new “truly life-transforming” treatment.

NHS England announced yesterday that clinicians will be able to prescribe the triple combination treatment Kaftrio to patients - as soon as the licence is granted - in the coming weeks.

Nine out of 10 patients with cystic fibrosis – more than 7,000 people – will benefit from Kaftrio, which tackles the underlying causes of the disease by helping the lungs work effectively.

Dave Louden, whose daughter Ayda, five, suffers from the life-threatening condition has long-campaigned for new treatments to be made available on the NHS.

Her quality of life drastically improved after she started taking Orkambi treatment in December and although Kaftrio is for patients aged 12 and above, trials are already underway for six to 11-year-olds.

Dave, 36, of Sandfield Park, said: “It’s just amazing. Not only will it save the lives of thousands with CF but the positive impact it will have on their families’ mental health and wellbeing can’t be underestimated either.

“I often spend nights awake worrying about Ayda and what can I do or haven’t I done to help her be be as fit and healthy as she can an avoid the multitude of nasty bugs and virus out there.

“Knowing a drug of this magnitude is now here and available to Ayda as soon as she’s old enough to take it, and seeing the effects it’s having on people, will definitely help me and all her family worry less. It’s helping all of us already.”

Announcing the agreement, NHS chief executive Simon Stevens said it was a “landmark deal” for a “potentially transformational treatment for cystic fibrosis.”

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, said: “Every family dreams of seeing their children reach their full potential and I am bowled over by the incredible bravery of families living with cystic fibrosis.

“In October we reached a fair deal with Vertex to give patients Orkambi at a price we could afford, transforming the lives of hundreds.

“I’m absolutely thrilled we have now secured a deal for Kaftrio, a cutting-edge medicine which gives hope to families and patients for a longer, healthier and happier future.

“I will always fight for families and loved ones to have access to the best possible treatments so that everyone has the opportunity to flourish.”