When I was 14 I joined 1862 Squadron Air Training Corps at Carlisle. I wonder whether any of my fellow cadets of that time are still living in the Carlisle area?

Some of them are on this photograph, taken in front of a Lockheed Neptune aircraft when the squadron was at camp at RAF Topcliffe in Yorkshire in 1956.

There are three on the photo who are not from Carlisle or Cumbria and are unknown to me: shown as (U). I can’t now remember all the 1862 Squadron names, but I have shown the full names where possible, otherwise just the surname. Those forgotten are shown as (F).

They are, front, from left, Neil Smith, (F), Derek Holyland, (U), (F), (F); middle, Palmer, Norman Dickinson, Mr Coulson, Mr Skinner, (F), (F). Back row: Palmer, Alcock, (U), (U), Paul Lamont, Malcolm Young (myself).

Neil Smith and Derek Holyland went on to join the RAF as apprentices or boy entrants.


Durdar, Carlisle