Cat lovers around the county are being invited to take part in a kitty-inspired baking competition, to help unloved animals.

Great British Bake Off celebrity Kim-Joy is judging Cat Protection's contest – Pawson Afternoon Tea at Your place – which will consist of weekly cat-themed baking challenges being set for those taking part.

Entrants will then share a photo of their bake, ready for the professional to judge, before a weekly winner is announced, with the overall champion named at the end of July.

“I hope Pawsome Afternoon Tea at Your Place generates a lot of entries, because it will help guarantee brighter futures for many unwanted and abandoned cats," Kim-Joy said.

“My own two rescue cats, Inki and Mochi, are my pride and joy and they cheer me up every day.

"They sit with me whenever I compose recipes or bake and they like to rip up the kitchen roll when my back is turned! I wouldn’t be without them!”

A small donation is requested with each entry, which will aid thousands of unwanted felines in the charity’s care, including five young kittens rescued from a bin in Birmingham.

Named Faith, Giles, Spike, Xander, and Willow, after characters from TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the charity hopes the five will make a full recovery after which they can be found new homes.

Events organiser Zoe Thompson said: “The competition is a great way for bakers to indulge their hobby while keeping safe in the lockdown and helping a very worthy cause.

“We’ll be judging all entries on appearance, creativity and effort and good luck if you choose to take part.”

For more details on the competition, and to register, visit