Friday is the seventh annual Bring Your Dog To Work Day.

With most of us still working from home, this year the day out for the dogs is being turned into a day in, helping their humans at home.

Jo Amit, founder of Bring Your Dog To Work Day and co-owner of ethical pet product company HOWND says: “For many people this is the last working from home Friday before some of us go back to our offices, with or without our dogs.

"We know from our own experience what a joy it has been having dogs in the 'office' or 'school room' when things have sometimes been stressful.

"Dogs always contribute positively to our mental health and have really stepped up during lockdown.

"They’ve brought happiness and comfort, kept us company and got us out of our homes to exercise."

We want you to show us your dogs helping out at home.

Do you have photos of your dog being the best-behaved office dog, or are they a lockdown hero – going that extra mile for you at home or cheering up your neighbours?

Is your dog the spitting image of you, your nan or someone famous?

Is your dog an effective child handler, show us what they can do.

Send your photos in to our Facebook sites.