A BRAMPTON community group has announced it’s “ready to respond” as the coronavirus outbreak moves from a medical to an economic emergency.

Over the previous months, the Brampton Area Action Group has engaged in activities such as helping to provide PPE to schools, community volunteers and the local medical practice

It’s also helped in things like the co-ordination of food support packages to vulnerable people and provision of services such transport for appointments, medical prescription delivery.

The group said it would continue to supply hot food, through SHINE (Support Help in Nourishing Everyone), where needed and was now looking to develop a community based service which would offer affordable food which was funded by donations and grants.

It also said that the Brampton Community League of Friends was donating £10,000 to buy computer tablets for patients in hospital to receive ‘virtual visits’ from friends and family.

It added that GP consultations would be limited and initially triaged by phone and said that patients who were concerned they may have Covid-19 should “self isolate at home, as per Government advice”.

The group however stated: “Things may change once we are passed the medical crisis and into the economic crisis. We are ready to respond to those changes.”

The group involves organisations such as the parish council, Brampton Churches Together and a host of others. People should ring the 24 hour helpline on 01697 927006.