IT was a stockjudging competition with a difference when young farmers in Cumbria and beyond went online to show they knew their stock.

Just under 300 young farmers from the Southern District of Cumbria YFC signed up to take part with classes released throughout the week and videos and photos of the classes uploaded online.

The event saw competitors given the opportunity to test their stockjudging skills on dairy, sheep and beef classes, as well as two novelty classes, biscuits and lockdown hairstyles. Photos and videos of the classes were posted online every day and competitors had until 9pm on the same day to submit their placings and reasons.

Bolton Manor Holsteins supplied cattle for the dairy class.Winners: Junior:1, Aimee Garnett, Kent Estuary YFC with 98 points, 2, Will Garnett, Kent Estuary YFC, 3, Jack Harrison, Eden Valley YFC. Inter: 1, Becky Woof, Wensleydale YFC with 94 points; 2, Heather Bland, Grayrigg YFC; 3, Luke Hodgson, Grayrigg YFC. Senior: 1, & Best set of reasons, Will Horsley, Skelton YFC with 96 points, 2, Laura Wilson, Lowick YFC, 3, James Jackson, Vale of Lune YFC. Open: 1, Dennis Sharp, Kent Estuary YFC with 88 points, 2, Debbie Nelson, Kent Estuary YFC, 3, Jonathan Philipson, Lowick YFC. Best set of reasons prize, £100 Genus Voucher: Will Horsley, Skelton YFC. The sheep stock supplied by Ian Wilson from Low Flan Farm . Winners: Junior:1, Billy Sibbald, Drigg YFC with 89 points; 2, Jack Harrison, Eden Valley YFC; 3, Natalie Waller, Sedbergh YFC. Inter: 1, Anna Hunt, Woburn YFC with 94 points; 2, Becky Woof, Wensleydale YFC; 3, Rachel Bland Grayrigg YFC. Senior : 1, Antony Atkinson, Crook YFC with 95 points; 2, Laura Terry, Lowick YFC; 3, Amber Wilson, Lowick YFC. Open: 1, Paul Barrow, Eden Valley YFC with 94 points; 2, John Woodburn, Cartmel YFC; 3, Mark Curr, Pennine YFC. Mr Wilson also supplied the stock for the beef class . Winners: Junior: 1, Macie Rumney, Wigton YFC with 98 points; 2, Isabel Wilson, Lowick; 3, Zak Fell, Greysouthen.Inter: 1, Luke Hodgson, Lowick YFC with 96 points; 2, Woof, Wensleydale; 3, Charlotte Wilson, Penrith.Senior 1,Amy Swinbank, Eden Valley YFC with 93 points; 2, Antony Atkinson, Crook; 3, Abigail Wilson, Walton. Open: 1, Mark Curr, Pennine YFC with 95 points; 2, Dennis Sharp, Kent Estuary; 3, John Woodburn, Cartmel.Best set of reasons prize: £100 Genus Voucher:Macie Rumney, Wigton YFC. Biscuit novelty class winner: Robbie Hutchinson, Grayrigg YFC.Lockdown haircuts winners: Debbie Nelson, Kent Estuary YFC; Sally Barker, Eden Valley.