Cumbria's second Virtual Festival has been hailed as a massive success by event organisers, who have now raised over £11,500 for charity.

Liam Moorhouse said: "We set out to raise £500 for Hospice at Home, and now we've raised over £11,500. This is beyond anything myself, James and Stuart could ever have imagined.

"We are so grateful to all the acts who have taken part, and also we're so grateful to everyone who tuned in, donated and partied with us in the virtual festival fields. We couldn't have done it without you. "We have no intention to stop fundraising just yet so keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information."

The two day festival has seen the online videos being viewed more than 136,000 times on social media.

Organisers Liam Moorhouse, James Cowan and Stuart Fleming decided to hold a second event over two days with more entertainers, as the first virtual festival was such a success.

Amy Morton returned to the virtual stage to start the festival on Saturday aided by singer and guitarist Luke Matear, popular Cumbrian and Benidorm entertainer; Rue Slater and Nicky Wild from Workington.

Rue said he was “proud to have been a part of a brilliant weekend of entertainment which was for such a great cause.”

Also returning to the line-up was Egremont’s own “Big D” who entertained viewers with a mixture of modern day songs, some oldies and even a clubland mix. Darren said: “I was proud to be part of this wonderful event with all my fabulous fellow entertainer friends and am truly humbled that we helped to raise such an unbelievable amount for Hospice at Home.”

Megan Smith, from Whitehaven, wowed viewers with her vocal skills during her set and also performing were Logan Paul Murphy, Miss Dee and Robert Wright as Rod Stewart.

Entertainer Samantha McGarrigle put on her show 'The Ultimate Shania Twain Experience' from her home in Newton Aycliffe.

Viewers were then treated to a live vinyl disco from Stanwix resident DJ; Brad Freeman which included a range of dance hits from the 80s and 90s

On the second day Carlisle performer Jen Donelly started the line-up. Other performers included Mikey T from Penrith, Michael T Ogilvie, Acoustic act The Arguments, Heartline, Steve Byrne and Jenia, High Dynamics, Nicky B and Alana.

Jen said after her performance: “It was an honour to be part of such a fantastic event. I’ve met some amazing people and I’m happy we could all keep people smiling through a virtual festival whilst raising money for a great charity.”

Mikey said: “I’m proud to have been involved in such an excellent weekend of entertainment

with so many great people”.

Frontline care worker Nicky said: “I'm very proud to have been a part of this, our music brought our community closer and I hope the feel good factor the festival created has a lasting effect.”

Alana who is a nurse for Hospice at Home West Cumbria said: “It’s meant so much to so many different people - the charity, who have taken a massive financial hit, us - being able to put our talents together and break the boredom by doing something to help, and the general public - who need something to get involved with to know they’re not alone as we’re all in it together and it’s ok to have a blast even in this current scary climate!”

As the festival drew to a close, Liam Moorhouse performed a number of hits and Stuart Fleming, who is West Cumbrian comedy drag act, Stella the Fella entertained until 10pm.