Popular north Cumbrian singer-songwriter Elaine Davidson has turned to the internet to perform in light of this weekend's cancelled Ireby Festival.

The festival, one of many in the county that the coronavirus situation has forced to be cancelled, would have taken place in Ireby this weekend.

To capture some of that lost musical magic, Elaine filmed a concert from her home in Stockdalewath to watch for free online.

Accompanied by Michael Stockdale on the double bass, the duo performed a 40 minute concert which can be found here on YouTube.

Elaine's most recent album released last year, called Nothing But Love, was partly recorded in her Stockdalewath home.

Some of the songs on her most recent album are inspired by her travels, as well as local events.

“When I returned from America, it was the aftermath of Storm Desmond, which is what inspired me to write Silt and Mud," she told the News & Star last year.

“A song just comes to me, then I sit down and look at it and develop it. I don’t just sit there and labour at it. If you labour at it, it is probably not very good.”