CumbriaN landmarks have been getting a special Batman-style clap – and it’s all thanks to a six-year-old boy.

Elliott Berry loves clapping for the NHS and when his artist dad, Ian, created a work of clapping hands in blue denim – a material he uses for all his highly distinctive artwork – Elliott had the idea of projecting the hands onto buildings.

And landmarks such as Castlerigg stone circle, the Bowder Stone, an RNLI station in Silloth and even a vintage RAF Vulcan bomber and many other places across the UK have enjoyed the distinction.

The youngsters big ‘Batman’ idea takes NHS clapping in Cumbria to another level by encouraging those who applaud our frontline health heroes to donate to NHS charities. It is fast becoming a landmark tribute to frontline workers during the coronavirus crisis

A striking animated image of the giant blue hands is being projected onto buildings nationwide to say thank you to health staff and all who have kept frontline services going.

Proud father Ian, 36, said: “It’s great that people support the NHS by clapping but we’ve tried to take it to another level by projecting onto buildings in the hope that people who clap will now think about donating as well, as the NHS really does need the money along with the moral support.

“A fiver from every family who makes that effort every Thursday will mean such a huge difference.

“We know from Captain Sir Tom Moore raising more than £33million for NHS Charities Together that the public’s enthusiasm for donating is there but just needs something to focus it.

“Clapping is that focus at the moment.”

Any projectionists wanting to project the clapping onto buildings in their areas can do so by going to the website