A council has successfully supported 200 people to leave abusive homes.

In the space of two years, Copeland Borough Council has supported 200 men, women and children to leave an abusive household.

The council introduced a specialist role in 2018 to support victims of domestic abuse and sexual exploitation, so far they have supported 102 men and women as well as 98 children and they are encouraging more victims to come forward.

Copeland council's housing team have stepped-up to help those in a similar situation during the coronavirus pandemic. The housing team has offered advice and assistance to eight sufferers of domestic abuse, providing safe accommodation to two victims.

Mayor of Copeland Mike Starkie said: "The added pressures of the current crisis are unfortunately only likely to exacerbate this abuse further. "We want you to know that we can help, and encourage you not to be afraid to come forward." Everyone deserves to live safely and happily, and this includes you too. So please, let us help you. The Prevention and Crisis Support Officer is available on housing.options@copeland.gov.uk or 01946 427070