A LOCAL poet has announced the upcoming release of his brand new solo collection of poetry that will celebrate four different aspects of his life.

David Bamford, from Lanercost, has written a poetry collection called Rhymes (and other sorts of poetry) and Reasons which is set to be published by XLibris.

It is separated into four categories: snapshots, Chile, spiritual stirrings, and nature.

These categories are a reflection of his lived experience and time he spent in South America.

David said: “What they have in common is that they are born out of my lived experience: sights seen or moments lived, travels in Chile, a country in which I lived for 22 years, visits to churches and other holy places, and the Cumbrian countryside in which I now live.

“Every poem in the collection is preceded by a brief comment and reflection on the circumstances in which it came to be written.”

His poems have reached the pages of the Cumberland News, they have been heard by audiences at The Keswick Words by the Water festival, and he has been commended by judges in the Borderlines poetry competition.

It was the entirely positive reaction to his work that encouraged him to branch out and release his latest collection.

The proceeds of Rhymes (and other sorts of poetry) and Reasons will be donated to Covid-19 related charities.