A BELOVED shop in Brampton has recently celebrated seven years since it first opened up in the town.

WishStrings in Brampton has now been a feature of Brampton for nearly a decade, selling its bracelets and anklets as well as other gifts.

Kelly Wragg, who owns the business, said: “I started WishStrings when I was at the University of Cumbria in my student halls bedroom in 2012 and then I just never went home.”

Things have changed a lot over seven years. Kelly recently opened a WishStrings wholesale store in Gretna.

A total of 450 shops across the UK stock the little handmade bracelets that share messages of love and thanks on them.

She said: “We manufacture and distribute our wish strings-branded products out worldwide.

“We did do that upstairs above the High Cross Street shop but we have out grown that premises now so we have moved to a new unit in Gretna.”

Upstairs in the Brampton store, shoppers can now find the works of local artists and crafters.

Kelly said she wanted to give something back to the community that had opened its arms to support her.

She said: “I wanted to give people the opportunity I never had.

“We provide shelf space, wall space, unit space free to local arts and crafts people and sell their work and take a commission on it.”

Keyy added that she was eager to display the work of more local artists too.

Anyone interested should contact wishstrings@hotmail.co.uk