A West Cumbrian theatre has been named as one of the UK’s top social enterprises for the second year running.

Rosehill Arts Trust has been included in the 2020 NatWest SE100 Index - a list of the best performing 100 social enterprises.

Applicants had to answer a survey on key aspects of their business performance, from turnover, growth, profit and how effectively they manage their impact, to leadership, resilience and storytelling.

Rosehill’s director Richard Elder said: “We’re delighted to again be included in the NatWest SE100 Index, a position which emphasises our evolving purpose of lifting spirits and changing lives together. In 60 years of Rosehill, social impact and meeting a need has never felt more important than now.

“These are challenging times for us, as they are for many, and we have had to cut costs substantially in order to survive, with much of the team being furloughed while we look to fundraising and other ways to keep us buoyant. But with challenges come opportunities to respond and adapt, and we are working with key partners on projects that are relevant to helping meet the needs of people in West Cumbria.

In responding to the challenge they are facing he said they are exploring different ways of programming, such as smaller performances, more events in the community and the use of digital platforms to broadcast arts and entertainment to a wider audience. They are also looking at a ‘Green Room to go’ qualify food take away service.

He added: “Our team are committed to new ways of working and to making sure we remain relevant to the community. We look forward to opening our doors again and welcoming staff, customers and partners back to Rosehill as soon as circumstances allow.”

Next week the best of the best will be announced in the annual Nat West SW100 Awards.

The list was compiled by Pioneers Post in partnership with NatWest Social & Community Capital.

More about the 2020 NatWest SE100 Index is at: pioneerspost.com/news-views/20200514/top-100-social-enterprises-uk-revealed-natwest-se100-2020