This week we asked our readers to share their last picture of ‘normal’ life before the lockdown was announced.

Many of you responded and here we feature some of the best entries.

Attending a sporting event, seeing friends or going to a show seem a thing of the past after the last two months, living with restrictions.

Weekends away, mini-breaks and holidays abroad now seem such distant memories.

Many of you have shared photos of the last family get-together they were able to attend, the last time they saw their grandchildren or the last party they threw.

Social distancing measures now mean many of us have been unable to see their loved-ones for many weeks.

And those who have had new additions to their families have been unable to properly share the joy of their new arrivals.

In this feature Mark Tolley shared a picture of his wife Gemma on a walk at Wetheral, as their last ‘normal’ picture before the lockdown.

Their baby Ava arrived a few days later just as the lockdown started.

Mark said: “Ava is now two months old and is yet to meet family or friends, but we have loved our time with her at home safe and sound.”

Many also shared pictures of the last football match they attended, the last gig they went to or the last time they had a sleepover or played sports with their teammates.

Tasha Preston’s last ‘normal’ picture was taken on February 23 for her brother’s 17th birthday at the Captain’s House in Bigrigg.

She said: “It’s his favourite place to go for Sunday lunch - and mine.

“It was the last time we were all out anywhere together.

“Tom is struggling with the lockdown, he’s missing his family, nieces and nephews so much.”

Family walks, meals out and toddler groups have all been mentioned in the dozens of submissions we received.

Hannah Lace shared a picture of her mum Maggie about to tuck into a plate of fish and chips.

She said: “My mum Maggie and I went for a girly day out round the shops in Workington and had some lunch at Superfish.

“I can’t wait for us to have our trips round the shops again.”

The coronavirus outbreak has affected each and everyone of us in different ways, but the memories are always there for us to look back on.