A CHEERLEADING group has created a video with thank you messages to frontline workers.

L J Cheer form Silloth have compiled a video that shows members of the groups holding drawings that thank different key workers.

Laura Sutcliffe, head coach, explained: "With us being closed and not being able to run classes I've been trying to do a lot of online things.

"I tasked them with doing a drawing competition this time, something a bit different."

Laura asked members of the group to draw a thank you message and post a video of them saying thank you to someone who they thought needed the praise.

Once she had the videos she collated these into one thank you video.

"It was just a way of saying thank you to all the key workers," continued Laura.

"We had a lot of thanks for NHS workers and care home staff.

"I'm a key worker myself and I know how hard it has been."

Laura workers for Carr's Flour Mills and since the beginning of lockdown has gone from being a part time worker to full time.

She's noticed a lot of change since the coronavirus pandemic started, but has been playing her part as a keyworker.

Laura said: "The children really enjoyed taking part in the video. Lots of people got involved.

"It was a little slow at first but when I kept pushing them to take part and telling them it was nearly time for me to put the video together I got lots more people getting involved. It was nice to do something different."

Laura has noticed a lack in motivation throughout lockdown so has been trying to keep spirits lifted.

Laura added: "I've been trying to run Zoom dance classes and at the start of lockdown I ran a doorstep routine where I made up a dance that all members had to learn and them perform on their door steps.

"I was able to do a lot more at the start, but now I'm full time at work and have a little boy to look after. I've been videoing myself teaching classes and uploading it for them to learn."

As well as this L J Cheer took part in a dance competition at the weekend with groups from the UK taking part.

Different groups from across the UK took part, all submitting videos.

The competition was to raise money for the NHS and each video uploaded paid £1 which was donated.