A community near Cockermouth which has been working hard to support residents during the pandemic is keen to create a record of events.

Greysouthen has a busy village hall committee, supported by more than 70 volunteers. Since lockdown they have been looking after those who are self-isolating with food packages and support. They have also set up a basic shop within the village hall which is open twice a week for residents.

Committee secretary Jane Inman and chairman Jenny McCullough came up with the idea of creating a living history of the parish.

“Years from now we will read and learn about the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. We are all living through this challenging and historic time, as a community we thought it would be amazing to document and have a record by producing a Living History of Greysouthen in 2020,” said Mrs Inman

They have asked villagers to share their experiences, whichever way they prefer - from drawing and poems to photos and words. These can then be collated.

The village hall committee has been supported by a grant from Cumbria Community Foundation.

Mrs Inman is in no doubt about how well the community has pulled together.

“There are people here, like us, who do not have family near. They can be quite vulnerable if we don’t support each other,” she said.

“The village hall has become a central point of communication. While we have a long way to go rebuilding all the different events and activities which normally run there, I think we will be a stronger community for it.”