THE ROYLE Family sitcom stars paid a visit to Cumbria in their new series on TV Gold.

Ricky Tomlinson and Ralf Little, known for their roles in the adored Manchester TV family in the 1998 show, are returning to our screens in ‘Ricky and Ralf’s Very Northern Road Trip’ where they dropped by locations in Kendal and Windermere in their latest episode.

In part two of their six-week adventure, the pair were messing about in boats on Lake Windermere and making mint cake at Romney's Mint Cake.

The pair about the techniques behind making the iconic energy boost and even tried their hand at it. followed by a taste test of their own bars.

Ralf said: "I've had Kendal mint cake since I was a kid. It's like the taste of my childhood all over again. It's fascinating seeing it all.

"Things I never thought I'd do is drive around the Lake District in a camper van, with Ricky Tomlinson doing impressions of Brian Blessed."

The pair left with a gift box from the company and a commemorative mug for their visit.

Being keen outdoors men, Ricky and Ralf also ventured out onto Lake Windermere.

Ricky spent this time teaching Ralf on the etiquette of the sea and he reflected on how relaxing he found the experience. This was followed by further impressions of Brian Blessed.

Ricky was amazed with the views around Windermere injected his own humour commenting that it took him back to his old mountaineering days with Edmund Hillary.