CREATIVITY has been flowing at a school as more than 600 pupils take on a challenge to design a church for all.

Pupils in year seven, eight, and nine at William Howard School were set a task by their religious education teachers to design a church that would allow different Christian denominations to pray together.

The results have been incredible.

Some pupils created intricate structures within Minecraft while others have drawn stunning designs. One year eight student made a church out of cake, and another has made a wooden structure.

Jim Connolly, the curriculum leader for religious education, said: “We wanted to set-up something that we could start in school and they could run with outside.

“We’re thrilled with the creativity and the enjoyment that students have found in this at a time when they are finding lots of other things difficult.”

It has been an interesting approach to encourage the pupils to explore religion and worship.

Teachers have sent them virtual tours of churches around the world.

Jim said: “We were able to send out links to churches around the world who have done virtual tours of their church which of course is something we couldn’t do if they were in school.

“It has opened their eyes to the place of worship in the modern world and that not all Christians do worship in the same way.”

But, it is more than just an opportunity to study in a creative way.

It has introduced a different method of exploring their own faith.

“For others, who are members of faith communities, what they are not able to do at the moment is go and worship in their own churches,” said Jim.

“This is allowing them to stay connected to something which is important to them in their lives.

“For some, this has been a useful project for that spiritual side.”