A GIANT homemade mural has been created by three young sisters on a farm near Wigton to thank NHS heroes.

Evie, 8, Millie, 7, and Elsie Young, 3, decided to decorate a silage pit wall on the family farm at Waverton and dedicate it to frontline medical staff.

The mural features huge red hearts, the NHS letters and the name Crummock Bank Farm sending a clear message of ‘in it together’ that has been the mantra of the country in recent weeks.

The sisters' ‘art class’ was proudly displayed by dad, Neil Young, a dairy farmer, on Facebook, and has since been liked, commented on and shared several hundred times.

“The silage pit wall at the back end of our farm was a massive blank canvas, and the girls, who love to show calves, decided they wanted to send a message of support for all NHS staff and carers,” said Neil, 39. “The wall is facing the railway line, so can be seen from the road and anyone passing on a train.

“It started off with chalk, but then the girls wanted to paint the hearts with red paint, so I searched for some old tins of paint I had stored.”

On Facebook, Neil confessed he had sacrificed the paint he had kept to respray his Massey Ferguson 390. “But it was worth it to see the girls faces when they were painting. Although, because it was a windy day, they were absolutely covered.

"They had tiny rollers, but were dipping them in like brushes. Their necks and t-shirts were soaked,” laughed Neil.

He said it has been hard work combining farm work with home schooling, but he had help from girlfriend, Laura Henderson, from Cockermouth, who was in lockdown with the family, “It was all the girls’ idea, but Laura and I helped a little,” added Neil, who farms with parents Derek and Gillian, who he admits have been a ‘Godsend’.

“The girls and Laura have been having picnics in the nearby wood and there is a little sandy beach. That, home schooling and painting, has kept the young ones busy,” added Neil.