Supporting our key workers during the coronavirus lockdown has never looked so cheerful – or scary to crows.

Households throughout Sandwith, near Whitehaven, have been creating their smile-spreading masterpieces to thank their frontline workers, and all those working tirelessly to keep the country running.

And with so many new arrivals to the village, perked-up residents couldn't be more pleased.

"It's lovely, because people have been spotting them as they're out and about walking and it makes everyone smile," Sandwith woman and village committee member, Andrea King, said.

"The community has really got on board. A lot of people are busy working, but you can see people having conversations now and chatting online about them, so it's really brought everyone together."

The creative McIntyre family kicked off the trend, putting the village's first supportive scarecrow together at Rose Cottage, with many, including Andrea, following suit.

And now, with over 30 homes involved, the scarecrows are well and truly taking over, flooding the village and its Facebook page with endless support for NHS workers, construction workers and all others in vital roles.

Andrea said: "As a community, we are grateful to firstly members of our community who are vital workers, and all others around who are in key jobs.

"I'm delighted to see how the scarecrows are bringing the community together – it's just lovely that people are finding support in different ways."