Town councillors are going to write to the police asking why they are no longer being given monthly crime reports.

At an online meeting of Cockermouth Town Council held on Wednesday evening, members expressed their disappointment at the lack of communication.

Councillor David Malloy said: “It transpires that we are never now going to get a police report.

“For the last four meetings we have not had one.

“Can we write and ask why they’re not willing to tell us about the crime in our town?”

Councillor Alan Smith said: “We have tried for a number of years to get the police to come to our meetings.

“In the past we had officers attending meetings, then we got PCSOs, now we don’t even get reports.”

“It’s like they don’t want to publicise crimes,” said Councillor Malloy.

“In the past crimes have been so watered down in reports and now we don’t even get them.”

No police spokesman was available to comment.