FUNDS have been raised for the front-line NHS workers of the West Cumberland Hospital by a young singer's Facebook Live performance.

Six year-old Lottie Campbell of Cleator Moor wanted to give back to the NHS staff of the West Cumberland Hospital, which includes her auntie, by raising funds for PPE masks "to keep them safe."

With the help of dad Mark and mum Carleane, she performed songs on Facebook Live with a fundraising page.

Mark said: "She enjoys performing it's something that comes natural.

Lottie wanted to bring use her love of singing to raise funds for the nurses at the West Cumberland Hospital.

"She wanted to sing live. She thought of it when we were watching a live show, she said 'I want to have a go at that.'

"One of her aunties is a nurse on the front-line, that is where it all stemmed from."

Lottie's auntie Ellen Newlands was proud to see niece Lottie giving back to the staff of the West Cumberland Hospital.

When the family set-up the fundraiser they were aiming to raise around £20 for one mask but they hit £700 within the week.

Lottie raised a total of £780 for NHS workers which was added to the PPE fund set up by the Unite union.

Mark said: "It's going to benefit this area, it's all going to our front-line workers."

Six year-old Lottie takes part in the Sing stars group based in Whitehaven.

And Mark added that he is proud of his daughter for making a difference with the performance.

"It's something that might give people a smile.

"We are over the moon with her, we're so proud of her for being so thoughtful, thinking of others and raising money for a good cause."

Families around the country have been coming together to thank their NHS workers in a variety of ways.