Police in north Cumbria are once again urging people to respect the coronavirus lockdown after a responding to a spate of gatherings yesterday - including a group of campers from Halifax.

Cumbria Constabulary were contacted about five separate instances of groups gathering out in the open in just a 10-hour period yesterday.

Most strikingly, yesterday evening police spoke to a group of five people camping in the Beckfoot Hall area, near Kirkby Stephen. It turned out that the group had travelled from Halifax in West Yorkshire.

Advice was given to the group regarding government guidance on staying indoors wherever necessary during the lockdown.

Police also received a report of a barbecue taking place at a property on Botcherby Avenue at 5.30 yesterday afternoon - though it is not clear whether this only involved members of the same household.

A Cumbria Police spokesman explained that officers paid a visit to Seatoller Close in Carlisle at 11.40 yesterday morning after a report of five youths gathered together.

At 4pm, police were called to the Co-Op on Central Avenue after a report of youths gathered outside, though the youths had left by the time officers had arrived.

Youths reported in the area near Asda at Kingstown had also dispersed by the time police had arrived after being called at 7.20pm after a report the youths had caused criminal damage to a banner at the supermarket.

Ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend, Cumbria Police Superintendent Matt Kennerley said: “As we head into the Easter holiday period and as the weather gets nicer we are appealing to parents to speak with their children about what they are doing and the moral responsibility we all have in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“This is not a time for anyone including young people to congregate in large groups and certainly is no excuse to behave in an antisocial manner or commit criminal offences.

“All our communities need to work together and listen to the advice and stay home, to help save lives and not cause further misery to other members of the community by behaving antisocially during an already difficult time.”